Call for paper

Call for paper

Sustainability of Swimming Pools and SPA in a One Health Perspective

Swimming pools and SPAs are the subjects covered by the Conference, considering scientific research and technological advances. The main frame involves public health issues, for developing a safe and sustainable approach to diffuse a culture of health promotion through recreational waters.

The programme includes the following topics:

  • “One Health” issues of the recreational uses of waters
  • Sustainable innovation in pool design and management
  • Microbiological, chemical and physical risks
  • Indoor air quality and microclimate
  • Guidelines and regulations
  • Physical activity in water and Health Promotion actions
  • SPA pool and wellness facilities

Abstract guidelines

Authors wishing to contribute papers to the 10th ICSPS must submit a 400 words abstract for review by the International Scientific Committee.

The title of the abstract is required to be clear and as descriptive as possible. The abstract is required to provide a precise objective of the research project, the significance of the research, the results obtained, and the conclusions reached.

All submitted abstracts are considered to be confidential. Only members of the International Scientific Committee will be permitted access to the abstracts. The International Scientific Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any abstract for any reason. 

The registration of at least one author before 1st February is required for paper acceptance and publication in the Conference Proceedings.

Abstract instruction

Title: Arial 14, Bold, Upper case

Authors: Times New Roman 10

Affiliation: Times New Roman 10, Italic

Text: Times New Roman 10, Justified. The contribution must occupy a single page (about 400 words). It must be accompanied by the title followed by the names of the authors in full and their affiliations. The text must not contain tables, figures or bibliographical references.

Abstract submission:
1st July – 11th December 2022

Submit your abstract to:

Accepted abstract are available on:

Poster Instruction:
Each poster was displayed for 2 days (Thursday, February 16, 2023 – Friday, February 17, 2023).       

Poster features: vertical (portrait) format maximum 70cm wide, 100cm high, fixed on the board marked with the poster number.